• Holidays and Celebrations 
    Aprende con Amigos supports and celebrates all the holidays and customs shared by our families. We have designed some celebrations to tie into these holidays. These events are designed mostly to celebrate the changing of seasons and will touch on the holidays and celebrations that fall within them. These celebrations will require the support of our parents through active committee involvement.
  • Journey of Learning Parent Meetings
    Aprende con Amigos views its parents as an integral part of our team. Parents are invited to join us for a family potluck. The goal of these monthly potlucks is two-fold. The first is to build a sense of community as we share a meal and to get to know one another. The second is to give parents and teachers an opportunity to build a stronger home and school connection as we study together the philosophies, methodologies, and techniques used in education and child rearing at Aprende con Amigos. Some topics will be decided in advance such as language acquisition theory and research and some will develop form issues that arise in the classroom as the school year develops. We hope to see you there!
  • Aprende Book Club
    Book Club is a night out for Mommies only! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other Mommies in the Aprende community and have a fun night out once a month discussing books and short stories!

    • 9/13/17
    • 10/11/17
    • 11/8/17
    • 12/13/17
    • 1/10/18
    • 2/21/18
    • 4/11/18
    • 5/9/18
  • Open Houses

    TBA for the 2018/2019 School Year