Summer Camp 2017

At Aprende con Amigos our summer camps ensure children “learn with friends” through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  You may enroll your child for all eight weeks or as many weeks as you wish.  Each day students have opportunities to explore in our three learning areas: art/music, math/science, and language arts/social studies.  Each week students will be involved in science experiments, art projects, cooking sessions, dramatic play, creative writing, shared reading, and more!  Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or is completely fluent, there will be something for everyone at Aprende con Amigos. See you there!

Up in Space – First Three Weeks

Our first camp is called “Up in Space” and will focus on building both basic Spanish vocabulary such as colors, shapes, and number as well as more focused space vocabulary through fun, hands-on experiences.  During this camp, students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments with light, design works of art using solar energy, create constellations, and have fun creating a space station to pretend in!

Down in the Sea – Second Three Weeks

Our second camp is called “Down in the Sea” and will focus on building basic Spanish vocabulary and simple sentence structures focused on the sea.  Child will have fun making fish prints, creating sand castle works of art, conducting sink or float experiments, and more!  The table below provides more detailed information for each week of camp.


Up in Space Week Dates Description
1 July 3-July 7

The Sun and Moon

Children will learn Spanish colors, shapes, letters, numbers and opposites as they have fun manipulating light and shadow.
2 July 10 – July 14

Our Planets

Children will learn Spanish shapes, number, colors, and shapes by learning about the planets and their properties.
3 July 17 – July 21

Rockets & Spaceships

Children will learn Spanish numbers, shapes, and simple describing words by constructing rockets and spaceships!
Down in the Sea 4 July 24 – July 28

At the Beach

Children will learn color, size, and describing words and numbers through fun sorting activities and games.
5 July 31 – August 4

Sea Animals

Children will learn color, shapes, body part vocabulary by acting out stories and playing sea animal games.
6 August 7 – August 11

Water & Life Cycles

Children will learn water cycle and animal life cycle vocabulary by observing and recording experiments and projects.


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