At Aprende con Amigos, we understand that children learn best and feel happiest in a calm, predictable and engaging environment. Our daily routine is designed to do just that and much more.

Our teachers understand and value the importance of mixed-age and focused-age groups. Therefore, our daily routine allows children to spend time each day in both. Mixed-age groups provide opportunities for older peers to serve as role-models for their younger counterparts and we know one of the most effective ways for our older peers to learn is to model and teach younger peers. We also understand that focused-age groups allow our teachers to provide age appropriate activities based on the current skill sets of a particular age group. Balancing time in our daily routine for mixed-age and focused-age groups allows children to be engaged, challenged and supported.

In addition, we developed a unique rotating schedule that allows each child to work on developing skills in three learning areas: music/art, math/science, and language arts/social studies. There will also be outdoor play time at the park next door each day. As children move through each focused learning area, the lead teacher will begin with a short whole-group activity and will then allow children to move into free choice activity time.

Each child tends to excel in two or three of the identified seven intelligences and children tend to chose activities to support their strengths.  However, our rotating schedule will allow children to not only develop their natural strengths, but also will provide time during the day to develop all other intelligences as well. Our rotating schedule is a unique, balanced, and important component of Aprende con Amigos. We are confident our rotating schedule provides a superior learning environment where children meet their optimum potential while acquiring the Spanish language.

The daily schedules are broken up by three age groups: 3-3.5 year olds, 3.5-4 year olds, and 4-5 year olds. Please note that each schedule incorporates time in both mixed-age and focused-age groups and allows students to rotate through all three learning areas in both part-time and full-time enrollment opportunities.